A Band Called Shit

Gettin’ Ready

So right around the corner is our first big tour as SHiT. We’re rollin’ with Pottymouth and The Mentors, and I couldn’t think of a better line-up to head out with. Super huge thanks to Muppet Fetish and Dead Hookers for letting us borrow their drummer, Justin, for the tour. He stepped up to the kit last night in Bellingham, WA, without ever hearing what we sound like, and there was no doubt in our minds that he was the perfect match for this tour. Everyone is stoked, and we’re spending the rest of the week down in Southern, OR, tightening up our setlist. Our first confirmed show is on the 30th of May in Santa Cruz at The Blue Lagoon, but we’ve got one in the works for Reno on the 29th. Check out our calendar under “Upcoming Shows” to see our full list of dates. We’re always adding more.

Our first album “SHiT” is almost done being mastered. We listened to the first half during our drive down to Oregon today, and it’s such a piece of SHiT, that it kicks some serious ass. Want a copy? Gonna have to come see us live. It’s free, you just gotta show up and grab one.

See you SHiTheads out on the road!



Okay, so we’ve been a band a little over 2 months now. We have so much shit going on, let’s do a quick recap.

We started the band with a phone call, and two weeks later-without practice, songs, or any kind of solid direction-we packed up a Ford Focus, and headed South to California. We meet up with our buddy, Troy. He’s the drummer for The Uncivil, a punk band from San Clemente. We practiced 3 times, played a show, then recorded “SHiT demo”, a 6 track disc; 5 songs from Aaron’s musical attic, and one random track we did on the fly at the end of the session that became the intro track to the CD. Good times, balls to the walls SHiT. We’ve pretty much been running at full speed ever since.

Two months later, we’ve played almost 3 weeks worth of shows, with 7 or so different drummers. We’ve been trying not to book any shows, so we can focus on getting a solid foundation for the business end of things, but at the same time we’re not turning any down. We have some amazing friends we’ve both collected over the years, and we’ve only asked for maybe 3 shows of everything we’ve played so far.

We’re also stocking up on merch, in preparation of a tour with The Mentors and Pottymouth that begins the first of June. You can check our calendar for a list of dates where you can find us next. We’re pretty stoked. The Mentors have been super awesome to us, and it’s always rad sharing a stage with them.

Yesterday, we finished recording our first full album. It’s 15 tracks we’ve written in the last week. We didn’t really have a chance to get all that intimate with the songs. We wrote 3 on Sunday, 3 on Monday, then 9 on Thursday. We recorded them as we created them, spending as little as 5 min to as much as 45 minutes on a song. We were busy doing other things this week, like filling button orders, running a few errands, cleaning up the practice space, and eating. We do a lot of eating actually.

Along with the CD, we’ve also got some super bad ass CD artwork, courtesy of John Howard. He’s my favorite comic book creator and artist, ever since walking into an estranged head-shop in Astoria, OR, back when I was 16. I saw the sign on the door, but they didn’t card me, and I didn’t offer any id. Walked straight back to the comics, and grabbed the first thing that caught my attention, Horny Biker Slut #9. Kind of an odd thing for a girl who was quite firmly still a virgin, but I’ve always been a pretty odd chick, a little off, and quite happy living in my own little world.

Some jack ass stole this from me a week after I got it, and I was only able to find it and buy it back a few years ago.

So anyway, I fell in love with the lead, unnamed heroine, and it’s been an obsession ever since. I still don’t have all of them yet, and there’s less than 20 issues between HBS and the spin off, She-Male Trouble. Periodically, I’ve contacted the artist/creator since I was 17, first in a fan letter, then I found him on myspace sometime ago, when I was still a model. I wanted to do a photo shoot in honor of one of the comics, but the stars didn’t exactly align on that project. Modeling just never was my thing. I had fun with it, but music is where my heart lies. Anyway, I recently came across him via Facebook, and started talking to him again. He’s always been a super nice, chill, mellow dude, and if not for him, we wouldn’t have this. It has always been a dream of mine to have his artwork attached to something I’ve done. So here it is, the cover to our first SHiT album. Never, never, never believe anyone who tells you that your dreams are stupid.

Fucking love this!

Track Listings:

1. Bring It Up
2. All Out Of Toilet Paper(And I’m Taking A Shit)
3. Actions And Words
4. Someone Pissed In The Punch Bowl
5. SHiT
6. Last minute Laundry
7. Rent Money For Rob Olsen
8. Afraid To Fart
9. Stoned In A School Zone
10. Guns, Liquor, And Subway
11. Blood Butt
12. Species Of Feces
13. I Put It In The Fridge
14. Stray Dog Syndrome(Come To Cresswell)
15. The Final Deuce (Elvis’ Final Moment)

(Hidden Track)

We spent all of Friday(March 23rd) recording these 15 songs we literally shit out over the course of the week. The process happened so fast, there were a few tracks I didn’t even remember working on. We spent over 8 hours in the studio, recording all 15 tracks in 1 shot. Aaron left immediately after to go home and catch up on sleep. His brain was absolutely fried. I had 11 hours of sleep prior to the recording session, videos to edit, a calendar to update, and whatever else I can manage to get done before I leave for Salem tomorrow. So I haven’t gone to sleep yet. We haven’t had the website very long, but a blog post was still overdue, and when I saw it was already 10:00 am, I knew there was no way I was going to bed.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about being in a band with Aaron at first. We’ve been friends a few years, and we’ve pretty much always got along, but that doesn’t always mean you can make music together. I’ve spent over 8 months touring with him as 1 man road crew for The Athiarchists, but I just wasn’t sure what to expect being completely engulfed in the flame. His abilities greatly surpass my own, however playing catch up the last 2 months has been turning me into a better musician all around. We have an experimental project called “tihs“, which just in this week alone, has created about 5 hours of music(that’s on top of writing new songs for SHiT) with our friend, Jason Baily, and a guest drummer named Alex(he joined us on the Monday session). We also jammed out this week with Aaron’s friend, Wassus. The most memorable moment from the Wassus session was switching up the instruments. The last 45 minutes, we’d switch instruments every 15, so it forced us to try something new. Aaron and I have been doing this a lot lately. It’s good to learn new things, and I think all in all it helps you to become better at your favorite instrument.

Well, Aaron just arrived and announced we now have a drummer for The Mentors tour, so that’s one more accomplishment. I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation, the weed I’ve been smoking, or just pure joy, but my eyes started watering the bigger my smile grew. Fuck yes! Troy couldn’t do it, because his wife is due to pop out a kid right when we’ll be on tour. I’m so fucking stoked.

I’m sure there’s shit I’m forgetting. We’ve got a lot done in the last 2 months. I can honestly say I have accomplished more with this band in 2 months than I have with any band I’ve ever been a part of combined. No disrespect to any of my former band mates, but it feels fucking good to be in a project with someone who has the same goals and same motivation. There is no stop. Only go.


ShitTV DVD episodes 1-18

Coming soon, 18 shitty episodes of ShitTV for your private home viewing pleasure

It's a SHiT stack on top of itself....

While you’re waiting on us to finish this thing, you can check out some of it on our SHiTube account. It also features bonus footage of our very first SHiT show in it’s entirety!

This video will be on Volume 2, but we can’t release that until we finish Volume 1.

We got lots of stuff in the works, and only 4 hands. We’re moving as fast as we can.

Check back for more updates.